The National

May 2019 - UAE

How one photographer tracked down the artist behind Lebanon's truck art. Photographer Falak Shawwa spent four years chasing trucks all over the country in order to document the beautiful calligraphy and designs painted on article

Raseef 22

May 2019 - Lebanon

هذا الكتاب النابض بالحيويّة، يمكن تقسيم "معلّقات" الكميونات حسب مواضيع عدّة، منها: الحبّ والغزل، مثل: "دلّوعة حمودي - عروسة الربيع" تؤنسن الكميون وتؤنثه فيصير كأنه امرأة مغناج، أمثال شعبيّة: "وبالشكر تدوم النعم - الاستقامة عين الكرامة" هي من صلب ثقافتهم وتحدّد بلا شكّ سلوكيّاتهم...Read more

Cyprus Mail

February 2015 - Cyprus

Six Cyprus-based photographers display their perception of the streets of cities across Europe and beyond in this exhibition, which invites us all to see streets and the lives they lead a little differently... Shawwa concentrates on the small details of streets, for her these features are hidden treasures which are trapped in the everyday life and pulses through these streets. So expect the ordinary to be reflected in the extraordinary. read more

Toronto Palestine Film Festival

October 2013 - Canada

The Toronto Palestine Film Festival (TPFF) held yet another successful art show. Photographs taken in Palestinian refugee camps across Lebanon, capture raw and untouched images that reveal the splendor of children’s adaptation to an environment most would consider shatteringly harsh and ruthless. Falak Shawwa gave a glimpse as to how these children can illuminate daily life in their own way through their enchanting liveliness and charm.

Marie Claire

October 2011 - Kuwait

Falak Shawwa is a photographer with a passion to document the experiences and journeys of different people and the richness of their cultures.

Lebanese Photography Magazine

August 2010 - Lebanon

Street Photography Competition Turned into a Book “Lakum Hamra2akum wa li Hamra2i” - Falak Shawwa "Over Time" ... read more

Plastik Magazine

July 2017 - Lebanon

Five winners were chosen...some of my personal favorites...Falak Shawwa's three chairs before a wall of graffiti, which is a simple yet, surprisingly poetic image. Read more

Sections Magazine

April 2015 - Dubai

Afaf Zurayk explores the role of both creative imagination and suspension of judgment as crucial guides in the making of art. Artist photographed by Falak Shawwa.


April 2010 - Lebanon

A Photography Exhibition by Falak Shawwa, Love the raw and untouched journey through the Palestinian refugee camps across Lebanon, revealing the splendor of children's adaptation to an environment most would consider shattered and ruthless. Parts of the proceeds are contributed to the GKCF.

Now Media

March 2010- Lebanon

On a Beirut road that runs from Hamra Street down to Bliss Street, Falak Shawwa stopped to snap a picture of three chairs – one metal, one wooden and one plastic – positioned in front of a mustard-colored wall. “The chairs represent different generations in Hamra,” she said. “Different ages, different times.” more

L'Orient Le Jour

July 2010 - Lebanon

Images contrastées d'une rue qui ne cesse de se transformer, témoignages d'histoires et d'amours qui se font et se défont, le concours photo « Your Hamra, My Hamra », lancé en octobre dernier, a donné naissance à un livre éponyme qui réunit 80 visions de Hamra by day, by night, en noir et blanc et en couleurs*. Et autant de flammes déclarées. Read more


March 2008 - Germany

Palestinian Embroidery Motifs documents more than 200 motifs, giving their names in Arabic and English and identifying the areas of Palestine from which they come. Falak Shawwa’s photographs capture the artistry and vibrant colours of the motifs, and the splendour of festive dresses. Read more

Hello Magazine

June 2017 - Cyprus

Bojo exclusive boutique feature in Hello magazine photographed by Falak Shawwa.  

Daily Star

March 2010

Your Hamra, My Hamra: contemporary visual stories…A stunning visual reflection of Hamra’s bustling streets [all capturing] in some way the vibrancy and vivacity of Hamra and its people. The book credits 41 people with having composed the book’s captions but it singles out five winners – Nour al-Assad, Falak F Shawwa, Dima Karam, Firas Chehabedine and Abbas Ramadan. Read more

Al Akhbar

February 2019 - Lebanon

لم تقسّم الشوا كتابها إلى أجزاء، لكنها وضعت عناوين بأحرف كبيرة تشير إلى محتوى الصفحات اللاحقة. علماً بأنها سجلت الجمل والحكم المكتوبة على الشاحنات كما هي، من دون تصويب لغوي، وترجمتها إلى الإنكليزية، لفائدة «الأجانب» المقيمين الذين يحارون في محتوى الكلمات التي يرونها مكتوبة على الشاحنات والحافلات وحتى مركبات الأجرة، فيفهمون المعنى ويتعرفون إلى هذا التقليد. Read more