I specialize in authentic lifestyle photography. I work with a wide variety of clients and photograph children, families, portraits, small weddings, events, food and fashion. For more details, please contact me.

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- Sarah Chawraba Borjak, Canada

You made me and my daughter enjoy every second of the photo shoot session! Thank you Falak. It was nearly impossible to decide which photos to frame, every picture was a piece of art.


- Dina Maarouf, Bahrain

How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it! Thank you Falak for the amazing photo session.


- Dalia Kanoo, Bahrain

An easy and fun session with beautiful results. Thank you so much Falak for such fantastic pictures. Your dedication and professionalism are outstanding.


- Lara Turk, New York​

Thank you! The photographs are so natural and sincere. Your style is like documentary storytelling. ​I really love them. ​The nice and different thing about the session is that we didn't feel that you were there...Karim was super relaxed and his photos were natural because he didn't have to pose. He was just being him. I loved the fact that we were able to be ourselves, doing our normal daily activities from going out for a walk to running the usual errands and you managed to capture the greatest and most natural photos of our family. Thank you Falak!


- Mona Saab Kanj, Beirut

Falak, you have been my first-born's official photographer since we met for a shoot in January. Just a quick glance at the photographs, and I was hooked. We've met up for photo shoots every month since. I fell in love with the "Kodak-moment"-esque nature of the photos: none of those cheesy, posed, baby-in-a-flower-pot pictures. I was truly moved. You managed to really capture Raya Nathalya in the moment. Stunning pictures!